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Home and Business Alarm Monitoring

PEAKMonitoring center is staffed with professional alarm dispatchers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our state of the art alarm dispatch center notifies us of each alarm signal as it comes through and is reviewed and responded to by a TMA trained and certified dispatcher at the highest priority. The center is UL listed and is strategically located SLC, Utah. Our agents are trained to dispatch all alarms to appropriate authorities as needed and are required to do continuing education to make sure we are up to date on all new mandates and technologies. Our center is continually searching for new ways to communicate with our customers, including by phone calls, emails, and now even text messaging.

TMA Five Diamond Certified
PEAKMonitoring is a proud member of the TMA Five Diamond Program. This nationally recognized program only rewards this distinction to those companies who have dedicated themselves to their 5 points of excellence:

  • Shows a commitment to random inspections and quality criteria standards by a nationally recognized testing laboratory.
  • Shows commitment to the highest level of customer service
  • Shows commitment to ongoing job-related education and testing by having 100% of its operators certified using the TMA training.
  • Shows commitment to raising industry standards through TMA membership and participation in activities
  • Shows commitment to reducing false dispatches

UL Listed
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent organization that sets quality standards for many consumer products. UL certifies, validates, tests, verifies, inspects, audits, advises and educates companies on compliance and regulatory issues to trade challenges and market access. PEAKMonitoring undergoes a rigorous inspection process and holds ourselves to the extremely high standards that UL requires through annual audits. Of the thousands of Central Stations in the United States, less than one hundred and fifty are UL Certified.

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