There is one place where we all want to feel safe, and that’s our house. To make you feel optimally safe, even when you’re asleep, you can install one of the best home security systems. To help you with choosing the best home security system we’ve created a list of the best security systems that you will want to have in your home.


PEAKAlarm Burglary
If you’re looking for one of the best home security systems to protect you from burglars then this is the alarm for you. The system contains motion detectors, door and window-contact detectors, a glass break detector and a keypad to control the entire system. Anytime someone enters your house who is not supposed to the security system will know and will activate a siren to go off. This will cause the burglar to flee, and authorities will be notified.

PEAKAlarm Life Safety
If you want to optimize home security then you’re going to need life safety protection from various within the house like fire and carbon monoxide. This set of the best home security systems contains a carbon monoxide monitor, a smoke detector a heat detector and panic buttons. Fire will be noted immediately, which will cause sprinklers to go off, and if you’re in any trouble it’s easy to contact the authorities through the use of a panic button.

PEAKAlarm Touch
Do you want to have full control over everything that happens in your home? Then PEAKTouch is one of the best home security systems for you. For a system that fully automates your home, it’s affordable. You can control the alarm, the lighting throughout your house, the doors, the garage door, any cameras and the thermostats. This way you never have to go back home when you’re doubting whether you locked the door or turned off the heating. You can easily check it from your phone.

PEAKAlarm Security Cameras
You can use PEAKTouch to control the cameras, but first, you need to have some cameras in your home. At PEAK we sell indoor cameras, outdoor cameras and special cameras for the doorbell. This way you’ll always know if a stranger entered your house, or you can just use it to keep an eye out for the kids. The security cameras from PEAK are capable of saving video material that is up to 365 days old!

PEAKAlarm extra detectors
To add to the best home security systems there is the option for extra detectors that might be necessary to make certain homes safer. Think about a detector that detects when the temperature of a room gets too high or too low. This would prevent frozen pipes from bursting, which can happen when the temperature drops too low. Another sort of extra detector can detect the presence of water, which would be handy if you’ve got a basement that risks being flooded. Anyone at PEAK would be able to advise you on the necessity of these detectors.

All of these best home security systems will protect your home from any intruders just fine, it depends on your preference which one you want, it depends on what you find the most important. Maybe you are more afraid of vandalism so you choose just the PEAK burglary system. It could also be that you find it more important to be able to control your home from your phone, so you choose the PEAKTouch system. I would recommend you to look through our list of the best security systems and eventually choose your favorite one to protect your home.

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