Burglar Alarm Package

From the leading Burglar Alarm Company in the MountainWest!

PEAKLink – The burglary packages combine the best equipment with superior installation at an affordable price to protect what you hold most dear.


The easiest, most intuitive experience of any security system in the industry.

The PEAKLink is the most capable and robust security & home control system in existence. With a 7” color, capacitive touch screen and a full upgrade to the user-interface, homeowners will love how much faster and easier it is to use. User interface improvements include single-screen zone programming, elimination of unnecessary or redundant steps, One-Touch Arming, and easy-to-see Status. These features, along with many others, make the PEAKLink customer experience the easiest, most intuitive of any security and control system in the industry. Period.

Smart Home Control has been at the heart of our residential platforms since the very beginning of this new technology industry. The new PEAKLink, the first Z-Wave Plus certified panel, makes working with smart home devices simpler than ever before. The security and automation chips have been built with a modular design, allowing for incorporation of other emerging solutions to stay current in the ever-changing world of technology. There are no shortcuts to excellence, and along the way our PEAK installation team is here to make sure your newly installed system performs to its potential while simplifying your life. Call us today for a free no obligation estimate at 800-444-7231.