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Security Cameras & NVR/DVR Equipment 2020

Home and Business applications
Security Cameras & NVR/DVR

PEAKView – is our solution to your security camera (CCTV) needs. Connect your world. Control your world. Worry free. With our HD Cameras integrated into a network storage device, you maintain a constant watch on your surroundings.

Our PEAKView NVRs further accelerate high definition recording, offering higher capacity 200 Mbps processing for real-time recording with cameras up to 5MP. With sixteen integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) inputs and PoE+ support, installation is made simple. Drive mirroring enables backup recordings between up to four internal hard disk drives, plus eSata support for four external drives to keep data secure.

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Purchase power because we are large
Tailored/Customizable to customer’s needs

Is the security camera system reliable/scalable?2021-10-09T20:41:51+00:00
  • HD Quality-Provides clear and reliable images
  • Storage length tailored to customer’s needs
  • Health Checks available-ensures cameras are working when needed
Is the security camera system easy to use?2021-10-09T20:40:14+00:00

Remote Viewing via smart phone and/or computer (High-speed internet needed at camera location)

We have camera packages to serve everyone. Small systems for residential needs and large sophisticated analytics for commercial customers. Our sales team can help put together an affordable & reliable camera (CCTV) solution. Call today at 800-444-7231.