Testing the signal communication to the Monitoring Station:

  1. Call 800-444-7231 and ask to have your alarm system put in “TEST” mode.
  2. To avoid deployment of emergency services, you MUST put your alarm in “TEST” mode.
  3. Set your alarm as you normally would. Wait until the delay time has expired and the alarm is set.
  4. Open a door or window that is connected to your alarm system. Once the siren begins to ring, wait at least 45 seconds then you can disarm the system.
  5. Call 800-444-7231 back to confirm the signal has been received and request your system be taken out of “TEST” mode.

This manual test ensures your alarm system is properly communicating with the Central Station. However, it is recommended you test all devices to ensure they are properly communicating with your alarm panel.

Testing the operation of all door and window sensors, and motion detectors:

  1. Verify that the system is in “READY” mode and NOT ARMED. The system must be disarmed to avoid accidental emergency dispatch.
  2. Open each protected door or window one at a time.
  3. Check that the keypad displays the door or window you are testing is open, you may have to press the “STATUS” or “READY” button depending on your type of system.
  4. Close the respective door or window. The keypad should revert to “READY” mode.
  5. Repeat this procedure for each sensor in the system.

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