Card Access Systems

Comparison of new technology vs old

physical security card access control systems

  With the increased development in the technological sphere, security and its method have also gone digital with the employment of technology by security outfits. Over the years, the conventional method of access control was usually a simple lock and a key but today, such method is finally phasing out for more sophisticated methods. With the introduction of electronic controlled doors or computerized doors, the term “card access system or access control system” has been redefined. It is more likely to be referred to as the electronic or computerized card access system. This system makes use of certain electronic access cards in order to gain entrance into a building, place either physically or logically. The focus of this article is on the present electronic or computerized card access system as against the conventional lock and key.

Security experts have proven the preference of the electronic access card system over the conventional lock and key system used in the past.

Some of the reasons given by these security experts are;


Due to the above-listed points, a lot of corporate organizations, apartments, and hotels have employed the use of the Card access system not just in improving the security systems of their building or resources but in order to reduce the stress involved.


There basically two major type of Card Access System. They are;


There are four major categories of a Card Access Control System. They include;


  With the introduction of the PeakEdge Access Control System which is well designed to meet the requirement of Advanced Enterprise System and comes with a sophisticated standard application programming language, IP, and standard IT equipment which makes it to easily integrate with other systems.


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