Smart Home Automation

Trust PEAKTouch to secure your home AND provide smart home services. PEAKTouch allows for you to utilize a touch screen keypad while at home or PEAKTouch on your smart phone while away. Our home automation allows for lighting, lock, and thermostat control which all integrates with your security system. PEAKTouch provides not only security but adds energy savings, comfort and convenience.

If you have a home security system or are in the market for one, then remote home monitoring may be a feature at the top of your list. Remote home monitoring enables users to manage and control different aspects of their home. PEAKTouch provides remote monitoring from your smartphone, iPad, or web-enabled computer to see the status of your alarm, control locks, view cameras, adjust the thermostat, and even open or close your garage door. You can also set up email, text or cell phone notifications when there’s been an incident at your home..

Not all home security companies offer interactive services such as home automation or have the ability to arm and disarm your alarm remotely. The most advanced security systems, such as PEAKTouch, let you connect electronic devices to your home network. Once connected you have the ability check on your home, family or pets, 24 hours a day from almost anywhere in the world.


  • Control your door locks
  • Remotely arm and disarm your system
  • Check your home security
  • Adjust your thermostats and lights
  • View security camera feeds
  • Specify alert criteria so you’re notified by text, e-mail or call if there’s a fire, intrusion or temperature control problem

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