Sunday, 26 September 2021

Medical Alert Alarm


The Senior population in America is exploding!

Utah and Idaho are no exceptions to this trend. Many of our seniors are also living alone with no one to overlook their immediate care.

Residents of Utah and Idaho, in particular, should think about getting a medical alert system. Both states are large with many remote and rural areas. It might take a while for an ambulance to respond even to a 911 call. With a medical alert system, the call is placed for you, speeding the response time.

Every medical alert company operates in all 50 states, including Utah and Idaho. But not all of them have factory trained technicians in the state to assist their customers when service is needed. Additionally, some of these companies outsource their monitoring to third party centers who may not even speak English well. Our medical monitoring is done in house with our own 5 star certified trained dispatchers.

When you take a look at our systems you will also find they were designed to be durable and dependable. Battery life & radio range is the best in the industry with new state of the art technology built into the hardware. When you rely on technology to protect your family members you can be assured we only carry the best equipment on the market.


State Help
Here is a tip: Some states help pay for the medical alert system for qualified residents living alone and you or your loved ones may qualify. Contact your local office Eldercare Planning Council in your state. It can also provide nursing services. A licensed nurse can come to the home and help with routine tasks such as taking blood pressure and blood sugar and taking medication.


Call us today to discuss options for getting Medical Alert system installed. We offer everything from pendants to necklaces, & even bracelets. We can be reached at 800-444-7231