Sunday, 26 September 2021

Alarm Response & Guard Patrol Services


In select markets throughout the country, PEAK provides security patrol services to enhance safety as well as to assist in the prevention, deterrence, and detection of trespassing, vandalism and criminal activity at your property.  Our patrol officers are highly trained, uniformed personnel who patrol property in clearly marked vehicles. If we find evidence of or observe criminal activity, trespassing, vandalism, or simply anything out of the ordinary, our patrol officers immediately notify local law enforcement and client representatives.

alarm response vehicle

Patrol officers are also available to respond to building alarms when notified by our dispatch center. After responding to the alarm, the patrol officers will notify local law enforcement and client representatives if we find evidence of criminal activity or vandalism at the property. PEAK’s alarm response service provides quick notification of security issues related to the alarm at your property while reducing frustration and costs associated with false alarms.

Through our patrol and alarm response services, the same industry leading security service provided to major corporations throughout the United States is available and affordable for small businesses.