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Switch Today From Protect America 


  If you're a Protect America customer in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, Park City, or St George Utah or if you are in the Boise, Pocatello, or Idaho Falls Idaho area, and are fed up with Protect America's poor customer service and high monthly payments then we have a special offer for you! People all across Utah & Idaho have been switching from Protect America to Peak Alarm and we want to make it easier than ever for you too to make the switch. Contact us today and we'll even help you get out of your Protect America contract.


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Best Home Security Systems

Best Home Security SystemsThere is one place where we all want to feel safe, and that’s our house. To make you feel optimally safe, even when you’re asleep, you can install one of the best home security systems. To help you with choosing the best home security system we’ve created a list of the best security systems that you will want to have in your home.



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6 Helpful Hints on How to Choose the Right Fire Alarm Company

Fire Alarm Collection

Fire alarm systems are one of the most valuable components to any business or residence. We rely on them 24 hours a day, protecting our lives, inventory, and property. They are required by law for businesses and residences throughout the United States, and often they provide discounts on insurance rates.

By necessity, no two systems are the same. Each is custom-tailored and installed with specific fire & building codes in mind. Your Local Fire Marshall will always have last say on what is required and may demand more or fewer components than the actual fire code requires. We will try to point out below the 6 most important traits to look out for when you go shopping for a fire alarm company contractor. These suggestions are intended to help you save money, headaches, and lastly, not getting stuck with an inferior product.

1. Make and Model
- Find out what brand of fire alarm panels and equipment they are authorized to sell. Sometimes smaller alarm companies or electricians will just go down to a local distributor and purchase off the shelf components for the cheapest price available. Ideally, you want to find a fire alarm installing company that deals in volume. They will have selected a reputable manufacturer that provides quality products and easily serviceable components. Their volume purchases will reflect on pricing discounts that they are able to pass on to the consumer.

2. Licenses and Qualifications - Make sure the contractor has NICET certified designers & technicians that will be working on the project. The company should also have a license to work in your jurisdiction. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your authority having jurisdiction to see what type of experience they’ve had working with the contractor. Most importantly, get references of places where the contractor has performed fire alarm upgrades. Find out how other people would rate the company’s level of performance. This can help you to predict how satisfied you’ll be with your new or upgraded system.

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Insurance Discounts for Monitored Alarm

home insurance discount

Don’t forget when you get a monitored alarm system you can get up to a 20% discount on your home owner’s insurance! In some cases that will almost pay for your monthly monitoring costs. Why not get something you need and save money at the same time! When you do business with PEAKAlarm we will contact your insurance agent for you and in most cases send him the information he needs so you don’t have to lift a finger! We are known for having some of the best customer services in the industry and we don’t intend to stop now. So, get your alarm system today customized to your needs and top it off with a big discount on your home owner’s insurance. We can’t wait to protect your home and family with one of our tailored home alarm systems.


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