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Sunday, 11 April 2021

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Water Flood Sensors & Leak Detectors

WaterBug Sensors


Peak Alarm Water Sensors

Water leaks can quickly cause significant damage in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Implementation of a dependable water detection system is critical in safeguarding physical locations and protecting valuable assets. Water sensors provides reliable protection and enables real-time notification of water presence, enabling immediate and actionable resolution.

Just as it’s essential to have a smoke detector in each of your home’s bedrooms and common areas, it is wise to install water leak sensors in places where water damage could start: The laundry room, water heater closet, the bathroom, under your kitchen sink, and so on.


Fires can be devastating, but water damage is a far more common risk. ONE BURST PIPE CAN COST $15,000.  Water sensors will alert you if your home or business springs a leak, so you can take action quickly! 


So how do Water Sensors work?

Each sensor probe has two contacts. When a film of water forms a bridge between these contacts, the unit senses this and triggers the alarm output. You are then notified via phone call or text message. The sensor will not alarm due to condensation or high humidity.

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Emergency Elevator Monitoring

24 hour operators to answer elevator phone calls

Elevator Monitoring

Elevator code requires that all elevator telephones be programed to a number that is answered 24-hour a day with the capability of identifying the call locations. Many State Elevator Inspectors test telephones annually and one common test is to push the elevator telephone call button and say nothing to see how the call is handled. If the person answering the call hangs up without responding with the elevator location the building may fail the elevator inspection.

The cost of elevator re-inspections varies from State to State however the typical re-inspection fee is $250.00 to $700.00. This can be a costly mistake and an improperly trained staff can significantly increase your liability exposure.

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Medical Alert Alarm


The Senior population in America is exploding!

Utah and Idaho are no exceptions to this trend. Many of our seniors are also living alone with no one to overlook their immediate care.

Residents of Utah and Idaho, in particular, should think about getting a medical alert system. Both states are large with many remote and rural areas. It might take a while for an ambulance to respond even to a 911 call. With a medical alert system, the call is placed for you, speeding the response time.

Every medical alert company operates in all 50 states, including Utah and Idaho. But not all of them have factory trained technicians in the state to assist their customers when service is needed. Additionally, some of these companies outsource their monitoring to third party centers who may not even speak English well. Our medical monitoring is done in house with our own 5 star certified trained dispatchers.

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Best Home Security Tools for Seniors Living Alone



 As we get older, our home security concerns change. What works for families or young single people may not meet the unique needs of seniors who are flying solo. And, just over one in four adults over the age of 65 lives alone.

Concerns about seniors’ health, memory, and physical safety can create anxiety for loved ones and caregivers. But there are a number of strategies that can help seniors maintain both their safety and their independence. Read on for some of the best home security tools for seniors.

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