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Saturday, 20 July 2019

Emergency Elevator Monitoring

24 hour operators to answer elevator phone calls

Elevator Monitoring

Elevator code requires that all elevator telephones be programed to a number that is answered 24-hour a day with the capability of identifying the call locations. Many State Elevator Inspectors test telephones annually and one common test is to push the elevator telephone call button and say nothing to see how the call is handled. If the person answering the call hangs up without responding with the elevator location the building may fail the elevator inspection.

The cost of elevator re-inspections varies from State to State however the typical re-inspection fee is $250.00 to $700.00. This can be a costly mistake and an improperly trained staff can significantly increase your liability exposure.


At PEAKAlarm we monitor more elevators from Utah & Idaho than probably any other monitoring center. The reason is two-fold. One, we have been offering the service longer than any other local provider and two, the elevator companies know us. They recommend us because we have the expertise to provide safety and security at an affordable price.

If you are a building owner or construction company looking to have your elevator professionally monitored, give us a call today at 800-444-7231.


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